Useful hints for projecting the child’s room

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When realizing a child's bedroom, let's create a magical space where the youngest will feel like in a realest playground or a charmed territory. The kid's bedroom is governed by absolutely different laws than the interiors for adults.

Author: Thomas Kujawa

Author: Magic Madzik

It has to stimulate the fantasy, support creativity, motivate to action. It is supposed to to be also identified with security, experience and big fun.

disney murals
Author: Sarah and Jason

Let's not be navigated by our preferences and habits, let's not make our dreams come true. Let's question the kid how he conceives his dream bedroom. Oppositely to realizing our proper projects, it's better to put your son in the office - he can select some decorations, such as picture frames, wall design (Disney murals can be a wonderful idea!) or bedding. A frequent mistake is to prepare the bedroom so precisely in such way that the kid is not able to move anything in it. Children love to build from their furniture, pillows and boxes for toys their own things: tents, palaces and caves. Let's create this opportunity for them. In an ideal children's room there should be a space for studying, playing, unwinding and depositing clothes. It is important that the furniture providing one function is located close to each other. Online, we may find useful wizards to help dividing the interior into practical zones. Most kids are afraid of the darkness, so you need to take care of the subtle lighting, which may be left switched on at night.

The lamps in which we may adjust the power of light will work fine. Set them so that it pulsates a little bit or changes shades. And the more storage places, slants, ladders, the better.

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